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April 2007: Signed Consent Decree resolving Molalla Irrigation v. City of Molalla

The image below is page one of the 19-page Final Consent Decree, in which City of Molalla paid fines and agreed to comply with specific monitoring requirements. The city also agreed to be transparent with data for a two year period, by regularly posting data online. Click on this [LINK] to open or download a PDF copy of the complete document….
20070411.. Consent Decree settling Molalla Irrigation et al v. CIty of Molalla (pg.1 pic)

April 2006: Handwritten Note explaining why DEQ has no Choice but to Allow Molalla to Discharge into Bear Creek

This note was copied from the DEQ files on Molalla STP. The author is Lyle Christiansen, a DEQ employee who handled the Molalla case file. The city had made the same request a year earlier. In both years (2005 and 2006) the septic ponds were overfilling and Molalla STP recognized they would not be able to comply with the seasonal closure of Bear Creek, which was supposed to begin on the first of May.

20060425.. handwritten note summarizing need to discharge to Bear Creek (DEQ internal, L.Christiansen to N.Mullane)