Molalla Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

Molalla STP sat.view tileEach year, the Molalla Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) processes hundreds of millions of gallons of sewage wastewater. Some is discharged into the Molalla River south of the Highway 211 bridge, and some is used for irrigation, such as at Coleman Ranch. We all depend on Molalla STP to ensure the quality of this wastewater, to protect people, animals, and the environment.

Click on the links below, to learn more about:

  • who may be impacted if Molalla STP fails to properly clean wastewater
  • where and how Molalla STP wastewater is discharged
  • what Molalla STP does with the accumulated sewage sludge
  • the Molalla STP permit history
  • the Molalla STP history of violations
  • and, satellite images showing the Bear Creek watershed, flowing downstream to Aurora and Canby