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July 2014: DEQ Letter to Molalla, seeking further info prior to issuing a revised RWUP

The letter is by Tiffany Yelton-Bram, who is Manager of the Water Quality Source Control Section at the DEQ office in Portland. It sets a deadline of 7/22/2014 for Molalla to produce the requested answers and records.

The closing paragraph includes three ‘recommendations’ that DEQ would like to see Molalla do:

  1. keep all recycled water irrigation records for five years
  2. identify an alternative means (such as a website) to share records with the Public
  3. rewrite and reorganize the RWUP to improve readability for the Public.

Here is a link to the PDF:

20140710.. Letter to D.Huff re MSTP RWUP, need more info, by T.Yelton-Bram (2p)


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This website has been constructed to inform. Pages present the maps, plans, news articles and other old records that tell the story behind Bear Creek. We have put considerable effort into researching and posting this information, and hope that it empowers ALL of us citizens around Molalla to take care of this part of our home. We also hope to set up FrogBlog to encourage individuals to express and share their concerns, hopes, ideas and views.

The aim of this website is simple: to ensure that everyone can become effectively involved in the decisions and actions taken on behalf of Bear Creek.

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  • FrogBlog design began in mid-June 2014, and the blog became generally operational in late July 2014.
  • A Post format will be used to collect and organize the hundreds of documents that have been generated over the years. These Posts will use the date of the document or event, thus may pre-date the start of FrogBlog.