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July 1981: An EPA Study on How to Gain Public Acceptance of Biosolid Recycling (108-pages)

19810700.. Institutional Constraints and Public Acceptance Barriers (EPA study, cover pic)In July 1981, EPA published a 108-page study called ‘Institutional Constraints and Public Acceptance Barriers to Utilization of Municipal Wastewater and Sludge for Land Reclamation and Biomass Production’. [PDF Copy]

Project oversight was provided by two Federal officials: David Burmaster of the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), and Bob Bastian at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The study was prepared by a team of three in the Boston area, including a professional engineer, a lawyer, and a PhD science consultant.

Some would view this study as a plan assessing: ‘what can be done by public employees and waste system operators to nullify citizen opposition to sludge applications?’ Here is the Executive Summary page (with red markups added by Executive Summary (p.7 of 108p EPA study PDF)

The second half of this 108-page report includes synopses of Case Studies for eighteen different biosolids applications programs. Here is a Table that summarizes these case studies:19810700.. Table summarizing Sludge Case Studies (p.27 of 108p EPA study PDF)

Here is a list of the Case Studies, from page 47 of the PDF report:19810700.. Table of Contents for 18 Sludge Case Studies (p.47 of 108p EPA study)

Two of these Case Studies will be especially relevant to readers concerned about the use of biosolids from the Molalla Sewage Treatment Plant (MSTP) sewage ponds. These are the Vestel, NY case, and the Lewis & King Counties, WA case. Here are two jpeg clips from these two case studies, with minor text (in color) added by Lewis & King Counties Case Study (clip from p.78 of 108p EPA study PDF) 19810700.. Vestel, NY Case Study (clip from p.48 of 108p EPA study PDF)